NPT Withdrawal

About the Project

This project aims to develop consensus on strengthening Article X(1) (Withdrawal) of the NPT. The project brings together leading practitioners from various countries with the aim of evaluating the current proposals made on NPT Withdrawal and developing new ideas and recommendations on the way forward, in the 2020 NPT review cycle.  


The 2010 NPT Review Conference did not strengthen Article X(1) and points 118-120 of the Chair's summary demonstrate the need to do so. The 2015 NPT Review Conference deliberations in the Subsidiary Body III discussions included Article X,and the draft text of the Chair's paper includes some language on Article.


Core Group 

The Core Group for the project consists of INENS Steering Committee Liaisons, INENS Advisors and other experts invited specifically as advisors for this project. The Core Group includes:

  • Meena Singelee, Executive Director, INENS;
  • Sonia Drobysz, Advisor to the Executive Director, INENS;
  • Dr Peter Carter, Advisor on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology, INENS;
  • Laura Rockwood, Advisor on IAEA and Nuclear Law, INENS;


Project Activities

The project activities in the run up to and during the 2015 NPT review cycle included:

  • One Half-day workshop in New York in Autumn 2014;
  • One Day workshop in Geneva in March 2015;
  • A research publication on 'Developing Consensus on Strengthening Article X(1) of the NPT' in January January 2015;
  • A closed-door briefing for government officials in New York in May 2015; and
  • Publication of the Article X(1) summary Factsheets in May 2015. 


Latest Publications


Factsheet on Article X(1) and Safeguards 

Publication date: 5 May 2015

Download (English version only)


Factsheet on Article X(1) and Export Controls

Publication date: 5 May 2015

Download (English version only)


Geneva Workshop Report

Publication date: 31 March 2015

Download (English version only)


Developing Consensus on Strengthening Article X(1) of the NPT 

Publication date: 03 February 2015

Download (English version only)


New York Workshop Report  

Publication date: 10 December 2014

A summary of the workshop report is now available. Download (English version only)


Getting Involved

The workshops are held under Chatham House rule and are by invitation only. For more information, please contact Meena Singelee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  



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